Moist cupcakes: Easy to make!


sBeside lovely frosting ones, thing makes a cupcake extremely special is its moisture content. Soft, fluffy, and extra moist cupcakes can give you good marks from your friends, relatives and lover. Or simply, they can satisfy your taste. And now you are here, and making moist cupcakes is easier than ever by take a deeper look to their ingredients!



OilCanola oil or olive oil can be a good replacement for butter in your recipes. The fat content in the oil can make the moisture increase. It is proved that oil reduces gluten formation which is caused during the baking process and gluten is a protein substance in wheat binding the baked products together. The less formation is created, the softer and moister the cupcake is. If your recipes have butter as an ingredient, use the ratio 1 cup butter: 3/4 cup oil for alternative.


Instant Pudding Mix

Because the instant pudding mix can change the consistency of your cupcake, it can make them softer than ever! In addition, you can make a creative flavor combination with pudding mix. For example, if you are intend to make chocolate cupcakes, chocolate pudding mix can be a good choice. But why don’t you try adding a mint pudding mixture? The result you get will be soft, smooth and enough moist chocolate mint cupcakes! Wonderful!

Sour Cream/Yogurt

Sour cream or yogurt can substitute your liquid ingredients (apart from eggs) to bring cupcakes more moisture. If a cup of water or milk is required in your recipe, you can replace it with a cup of yogurt instead. However, it is highly recommended that you should combine water and sour cream in the batter because the former contain a distinct aroma and taste that can affect your cupcakes’ flavor. Or you can add a half of a cup of yogurt in your recipes for 12 cupcakes to make them moister. Not only adding moisture, acidic dairy product can make your cupcakes denser as well.

Brown sugar

This ingredient is highly suggested for making carrot cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and other darker color types because the color of the sugar can change your cupcakes’. Brown sugar provides more moisture and sweet to the cupcakes than that white one. White one is still ok, but our results will be better if you use 50% white sugar and the rest for brown sugar. For example, if your recipes for 12 cupcakes need a cup of sugar, you can use a half of a cup of white sugar, and another ½ cup for the brown one.


Applesauce can be a good choice for healthier content for your cupcakes. You will not have to worry about the fat content. Furthermore, applesauce can make your cupcakes moister and denser. However, they will not rise with applesauce as much as when you use butter or oil. Hence, it is better to use 50% of butter or oil and 50% of applesauce.


Being made from eggs and oils, mayonnaise is a good additional ingredient. In addition, it contains vinegar which serves as a natural preservative for longer-lasting and moister cupcakes. Add ¼ cup of mayonnaise for 12-piece cupcake recipes.

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