What is “Cloud server” and what is the benefits of Cloud computing technology?


Cloud server is the new technology based in Cloud computing system. I’m going to write this article to introduce to Cloud server (Cloud VPS), some needed knowledges about Cloud server.

Recently, Internet and Technology are strongly growing up. Along with that, businesses will have to invest more for hardware, maintenance servers to meet all the demands. But now, there is a new technology called “Cloud computing”, businesses will no longer need to worry much about hardware, maintenance or technique but still able to own a poweful server system!

Cloud server works just like Virtual Private Server but the difference is: Cloud server is based on Cloud Computing Technology! So Cloud server has a lot of features that Classic VPS doesn’t.

When using Cloud server, you can easily upgrade your system (Ram, CPU, Storage…) with just a few clicks. Backing up and restoring data, transfering data, load balancing….are also very easy!

Cloud server

The features of Cloud server

High availability

Cloud server can monitor the status of all servers under the “Cloud” and it will automatically drive your traffic to another server if one server down, so your website will be up at almost of times.

Rapid deployment

Setting up, destroying, upgrading a Cloud server is very easy with just a few clicks.

Easily upgrading

If you need more resource for your system, just simply send an upgrading request and everything will be completed in just a few minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about hardware installation, maintenance, datacenter, networking…

Friendly management system

You can manage your cloud server by using the management website with friendly user interface. You don’t have to know much about technique but you will still able to manage your system as well.


Cloud computing system supports you to save your server backup as a “Screenshot”, you can transfer this backup to another server or restore it anytime with just a few clicks! It’s very easy!

Remote access

Every Cloud servers are also able to be connected remotely. You can manage your Linux server with SSH as root, manage your windows server via Remote Desktop Protocal as Administration

More secure

Cloud server system like Google cloud or Amazon AWS… provide a lot of security features for all requests or actions to the Cloud server. Your server is now secured as a professional way.

Flexibly usage

You can expand your Cloud Server system by upgrading your current server or create some new servers. Cloud server can use different Operating System from each other.

Dedicated resource

The resources for your Cloud server (RAM, CPU, Disk…) are dedicated and not be shared to other one like Classic VPS.

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