Cloud computing – The best method for saving cost and security


In the era of technology and modernism, many enterprises have admitted the fact that operating and running application based on cloud computing is becoming more and more common. They said that cloud computing brings the convenience to their production as well as their staff operation. We can’t deny that cloud computing has its own many benefits, such as wonderful security and saving cost.

We’ll have a quick look on these two benefits of cloud computing.

1. Cloud computing provide perfect security for the important and secret files

Where do you usually keep your information, your files, your documents, etc.? I bet that in the previous time, you have the habit of storing them in your personal computer or laptop. Just one more question: what will happen if you lost or break your PC/ laptop? Then where your important files will be? Of course, they will have the risk of losing or belonging to another.

Cloud computing

With cloud computing, you will surely no concern about this. Because all your files and documents will be electronically stored in “the cloud” and you can download your file whenever you want. You will no longer be worried about losing your data or missing data in some periods of time. When using cloud computing, all your data is secured and always available when you require. You just need a device (laptop, smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.) that can connect to the internet, and you will find all your information you need is ready for downloading. You will have your own password so that nobody can get access to your data, even when they are always available and ready in the “cloud”.

2. Cloud computing helps enterprises and organizations effectively saving cost.

As you have known, the cost for updating storing software for all computers in the enterprise, for maintaining computer, laptop and many other programs is very high. Almost enterprises have been money-waste on these costs. Especial to the small or new-established enterprise as well as organization, these cost become the big problem that need to be immediately solved. Cost for authorizing, cost for updating, buying, fixing, repairing, maintaining, etc. will certainly reduce your company’s profits.

There is a way that helps you to avoid those costs: cloud computing. This is the method of storing all data and information in the cloud. All the tasks you need to do is upload your files in an application (may be google drive, box synced, dropbox, etc.) and then download the file when you need from your online account of the application you choose. This way will help you cut down all the unnecessary cost and help you saving more for your organization.

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