2016 prediction – What will happen to cloud computing?


20015 had passed, 2016 is our current lives. It is also the year of many changes in the field of cloud computing. You will find in the following some changes of cloud computing in 2016.

cloud computing

The end of private cloud

2015 has remarked on the failure of the private cloud – which had been expected to be effective tools for enterprises.

Should you remember, just a few couples of years ago, IT has launched a new solution for remaining relevant to other partners. 2011 was exactly the time when private cloud reaches its top of development with the Open Stack Boston. In this time, every people strongly believe in the necessary of private cloud computing (in other saying: the self-manage cloud). But as time flied, in 2016, public cloud with its amazing development will defeat private cloud in the cloud market.

Researchers has been still expecting for some huge changes of private cloud. They said that only if private cloud changes its method of development, it will definitely become the big obstacles for enterprise who want to operate and run with this IT’s solution.

The breakthrough of Hybrid cloud

Until now, hybrid cloud is still a new definition with almost enterprises as well as individuals who have used public cloud as the main tools for their work. And in 2016, hybrid cloud is predicted to be in the best movement. Hybrid cloud is the combination of one or more cloud computing platforms. Hybrid cloud will improve the flexibility and scalability in order to make it easier to use for almost enterprises. After the collapsing of private cloud, hybrid cloud was developed as an alternative. And this type of cloud has proved its ability to satisfy those enterprises who want to keep relevant with their partner in a secure environment. In general, hybrid cloud can solve many problems with enterprises that public cloud or private cloud cannot solve. And that is the reason why hybrid cloud has been chosen and preferred by so many enterprises and organization all over the world.

In 2016 – the year of new technology, hybrid cloud has more chances to develop and become an important part of cloud industry. And it is no doubt the best tools for enterprises to operating effectively.

Cloud automation – new hot trend

Automation is becoming more and more essential in our modern world. Automation help reduce human resources in operating a line of work. And this will clearly save much for our economic as well. Many things can be automatized, and cloud is one of them.

In the future, cloud computing will be business automation, not a part of our operation as today. The enterprises only need to input the policies that they want to manage their system, smart software of cloud will automatically execute these policies in order to ensure the smooth in the operation.

In this 2016 – the year of innovation, we should pay our belief in the development of cloud automation with bright prospect that it will bring to our enterprises.

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