Cloud Technology Trends


When talking about the future of tech on the Internet you cannot escape mention of the cloud because the cloud is set to be the best thing which has ever happened to our life. Now there is a real expectation of cloud which will become even bigger. It is a real and useful revolution in the way how we store files and run all of the processes. Let’s take a look at some of the more concrete examples of the way the cloud is going to change our lives in the a few next years.

Cloud Technology Trends


Containerization is the biggest thing which is happening right now in the cloud. Although not something monetized directly it is a fundamental change in the way we will find ourselves using the cloud in a few next years.

Containerization is a lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization  involving in a container with its own operating environment. This trend provides people with a lot of benefits of loading an application onto a virtual machine.

Although containerization does not suit and match with every kind of business, it does mean that we can run bigger things in the cloud simultaneously.

For example, you could have a virtual computer which is running in the cloud being an exact copy of your home PC. Then, you also could access this home PC from any device which is hooked up to the cloud, be it your work computer, tablet or even smartphone.


The word gaming is no longer strange to the cloud: Steam has already been offering backups this way for years and some new MMOs have launched using it.

Now, the entire gaming systems are being put into the cloud thanks to containerization which can be used by anyone regardless of the system they are rocking at home.

The leader of the pack is NVIDIA in spite of the fact that Leap are making strides as well. The aim of all these ventures is to have any paying customer access virtual machines.

Internet of Things

If you have not been living in a place without any connection to the outside world, you must have heard of the Internet of Things or the IoT.

The Internet of Thing is shaping up to leave the realm of marketers and PR junkets this year as companies are moving slowly beyond the R&D stage of this technology and into real implementation.

A good example of both Internet of Thing done right and a showcase of what it is able to do is the Oslo metro system in which the trains constantly check whether everything is operating smoothly and adjust timetables or request maintenance. All the necessary computations are run using cloud which is connected to technologies and are proof that the Internet of Thing has a real future.

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