New Strategy of Google in the battle of Cloud Computing Field


In 2016, a new and cheaper version of Cloud computing Services has been offered by Google in order to allow everyone and every enterprise can get fully access to the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Field

Cloud computing has been more and more popular to almost enterprises as well as individual in the world. But the fact’s that not every organization requires cloud computing for ALL their departments, or even affords to use expensive cloud computing system. Being aware of this fact, Google has made a plan for offering some cloud services which will help meet the need of all the enterprises and organizations. Preemptible Virtual Machine, launched by Google, is a very new cloud service. It allows enterprises to use computing system with low costs. Preemptible Virtual Machine is suitable for those enterprises which have low priority workloads and usually be interrupted.

For beginning, Google introduced a cloud platform with the cost at 70% off compared with usual other platforms. This is the most attractive point of Preemptible Virtual Machine – it only cost about $0.01 per instance/hour. Normal Virtual Machine charges about $0.03 up to $0.11 per hour or more.

Google confirms that this offer (Preemptible Virtual Machine) can help operating a big amount of a company’s usual tasks. For example – cited by Google – multiple VMs (virtual machines) can distribute some difficult and important workflows, but it is really not a good idea to using multiple virtual machines for processing analysis, simulations and models (because those tasks need a powerful cloud services).

By using the free storage of their data center, Google will provide this new service in a wide range. When Google realize the increasing in customers’ needs, they will definitely have to supply Preemptible Compute Engine virtual machine to satisfy their customers. This virtual machine will be recalled and take part in the current operating. A notice will be sent to the users each 30 seconds in order to note them off saving their current working.

Google also state that there are many programs that can improve the scalability and the calculation ability of cloud computing, but only for short-term goals. It includes making visual effects, coding video and calculating by analyzing information.

The model of AWS (Amazon Web Services) differs from Google service in price. They allow a range of various prices while Google has only a fixed code. This make Amazon have to have new strategies if they want to continue the tough battle with Google and Microsoft in the field of cloud computing.

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