Private Vs Public Cloud


The shift towards companies consuming IT through the adoption of cloud now continues to get strength because of the benefits of quicker time to market, flexible infrastructure costs and streamlined processes.  However, the debate played out by IT and business decision makers alike to decide which is better whether private cloud or public cloud is better.

Private Vs Public Cloud

When your business and company develops its own strategy for implementing a cloud computing solution, the selection you face is whether to deploy your infrastructure in a public or private cloud.  Now we will learn about the differences between the private and public cloud to decide which method is the right solution for your business.

Here are some differences between public cloud and private cloud:

Public clouds

The public cloud are based on shared physical hardware owned and operated by third-party providers. It means that there are no hardware or maintenance costs charged by your business.  This method is an ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses or for those who have fluctuating demands.

The main benefits of the public cloud are the speed with which you can deploy IT resources, and the utility billing it provides. By spreading the infrastructure costs are across a number of users, each private cloud can operate on a low-cost, pay amount of money as you go approach to the provisioning of IT services.  And of course, because of the sheer size of public clouds, businesses can scale compute power up and down as changing business demands dictate.

Private cloud

The private clouds are bespoke infrastructure purely dedicated to your business, hosted on-site or at a service provider data center.  One important thing is that the private cloud can deliver all the agility, scalability and efficiency of the public cloud. However, it can provides the businesses and companies greater levels of control and security. This method is very ideal for larger businesses or those who have strict data, governance obligations and regulation.  Another important benefit of private cloud is the ability to customize the networking components compute, storage and to best suit your specific IT requirements. Or even something cannot be achieved so easily in the public cloud environment.

Besides, we also get a new kind of cloud when combining the both worlds: the hybrid cloud. And getting the right cloud solution does no longer need to be a choice of public cloud or private cloud. You can get the best of both if you use the hybrid cloud.

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